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How to make Single page application?
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Using PDO as database connection in PHP
a few words about me

Hello visitor, my name is Amar Vukovic, and I am your next problem solver. As a student I started with web development in 2010. Since I had a background in vector graphics, I found web development as something that I wanted to do in the future. From the moment I dived into PHP and databases, building websites has made my life easier and development more interesting. During that time I was sharpening my skills in the frontend, therefore I needed to dive a bit more into JavaScript and jQuery. Seeing as frontend development technologies are changing every year, you have to keep up to date. Since then, I started using TypeScript, React, Sass, and Less. These days I heavily use React and Angular, and in the near future my goal is to build up my knowledge as much as possible.

Amar Vukovic, your full stack developer!

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working experience
february 2020 - present
eRecruiter GmbH, Vienna, Austria
frontend developer
After the good experience in previous two companies, I have decided to move to another where at that moment was more challenging for me and my career. In this company I am working on the front-end part of the web application. This time I am brushing my skills with the focus on Angular, TypeScript, Sass.
may 2018 - january 2020
Wikifolio Finacial Technologies AG, Vienna, Austria
frontend developer
My job role here is to improve UX of the wikifolio.com platform. This is platform for social online trading, where focus is to enable investing and trading for everyone. Therefore my task is to create user friendly solutions with latest frontend technologies such as React, TypeScript, Less,...
september 2015 - april 2018
Funstage (Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions) GmbH, Vienna, Austria
frontend developer
In this company I was working on mega online gambling platforms, such as StarGames.com, SuperGaminator.com, StarVegas.it, and GameTwist.com. Here was focus to create user friendly and very fast platforms, where perfomance and search engine optimization were in focus. Therefore, i learned how to reuse CSS as much as possible, develop resubale JavaScript, and sharpen my communication skills.
october 2010 - september 2015
Freelance, Bihać/Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
backend & frontend developer
During education I did not want to be lazy, so I decide to start doing what I am studying for. Therefore I decided to create some websites in order to improve my skills. And I started with HTML and CSS, then learned JavaScript, and finally added last puzzles with PHP and MySQL. During this period I developed various websites and some of them are nationalparkuna.ba, bihac.org, ahaeti.ba,...

projects I am proud of